LOVE this mobile marketing expert, Christine “CK” Kerley


I’m deeply passionate about mobile marketing

With an iPhone 4S (with Siri) and an iPad, I’m a big believer that B2B marketers have to face facts that mobile is the first screen of the future.  And the way you communicate with me on my iPhone 4S is different from a laptop.

While I have a casual relationship with a laptop, the iPhone is my personal and intimate partner/lover. She’s the first thing I check when I awaken and she’s never out of my sight.  (Yes, my mobile devices are female.)

Bottom line: Don’t mess with her. Send her SPAM - I unsubscribe. Call her unprepared and I go ballistic. Simply said, you can marketing via a laptop one way, but the mobile platform is different.

My passion for mobile is why I’m such a HUGE fan of Christine “CK” Kerley - the top mobile marketing expert out there.

She’s a powerhouse — full of energy, beautiful, super smart, a terrific speaker and a delightful person - which is as close to the perfect woman I can imagine. Bold, brash, brilliant and beautiful. I simply cannot wait to interview her on Marketing Made Simple TV.

Why don’t you visit or her mobile site? You can follower her on Twitter at CKSays.

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Jeff Ogden is President of the lead generation company, Find New Customers, and is a professional speaker and writer. He also hosts two online TV shows - Mad Marketing TV and Marketing Made Simple. Check out the new SCORE Demand Generation Program offered by Find New Customers too.


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