Our Clients


These are clients of the B2B marketing company, Find New Customers.  We’re blessed to have wonderful clients, despite the youth of our company.

More being added soon…

Our newest and favorite account, this company is a Marketo client who makes data security software. They retained Find New Customers to help them in a broad range of areas of B2B marketing, including buyer personas, content marketing, metrics, lead nurturing and scoring, new market targeting, advertising campaigns, and business partner strategy. This is a perfect opportunity to transform a company from so-so marketing to a world class demand generation program.


Help this fast growing software firm develop and implement a world-class B2B demand generation program.


Content marketing, including writing a new white paper and monthly blog contributions.

The host of Mad Marketing TV and guest blogging

Haller Insurance AgencyInsurance agency looking to grow. Insurance is a growing market for us. Blog, social media, content and more.

TeradataAprimoSoftware firm wishing to connect with industry thought-leaders to promote their marketing initiatives. We helped them promote their “10 Marketing Imperatives”and was invited to help host their marketing conference. Also write guest posts for their blog.

Content marketing, especially the white paper sponsored by them, How to Find New Customers. We’ve also guest posted for their blog.

Content marketing, including the white paper sponsored by them, Moving from Transactional to Conversational Email Marketing.

We wrote their blog, the B2B Sales Lounge, for months and months and connected them to top sales experts. (That blog has been discontinued.)

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