Recommended Reading List

We’re invited to review lots of books. And we believe marketers can learn a lot from innovative experts. So we will use this page to make recommendations.

Content Rules (Ann Handley and CC Chapman)Content Rules

This book is one of the best on content marketing. One take-away? Talk to prospective customers as if they were sitting across the table from you at a coffee shop.

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale (Ardath Albee)

I may no longer be on her Christmas card list, but I have a lot of respect for this great book which covers every aspect of B2B marketing today. Highly recommended!

Launch (Michael Stelzner)

Mike Stelzner, creator of Social Media Examiner, created an almost $2MM business in a few months. How he did it is a remarkable story. His formula? Great content, plus Other People, minus Marketing equals Success.

Enchantment (Guy Kawasaki)

This is one of my all-time favorites because it is a handbook on person to person interaction. I hope everyone reads this book. Guy shares three core principles:

  1. To be trusted, you must first trust others
  2. Be a baker, not an eater
  3. Always be saying “Yes”

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