Changing B2B Marketing Forever

Please join us. We’ve had our fill of boring websites, me, me, me marketing and struggling salespeople.

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With 7 out of 10 companies (in 2010 it became 8 out of 10) saying that “Poor quality of sales leads” is their #1 challenge and fewer than 50% of salespeople making quota, one thing is clear:

It’s time for a revolution in marketing.

We’re the b2b lead generation experts at Find New Customers, who helps mid sized (150 to 5,000 employees) companies with complex products and services improve the flow of quality sales leads by using best approaches in lead generation. In simple terms, we help them implement world class lead generation programs, including:

  • Ideal customer profiles
  • Deep buyer personas
  • Strong value propositions
  • Content marketing (We find this to be the single biggest problem of B2B marketers today.)
  • Social Networks (If you’re not using social networks today, hold on tight. They are coming soon.)
  • Lead Nurturing (Sharing the right content at the right time with the right person. Hint: Salespeople should not do lead nurturing. They are looking for Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right.)
  • Lead Scoring (Is that a real lead or not?)
  • Marketing automation selection and use
  • and much more

But what also makes Find New Customers different is our deep and wide network of sales and marketing experts. In fact, Aprimo hired Find New Customers to leverage our extensive network for expert quotes and networking with top experts.

Have you thought of the value of 3rd party validation for your business and how it could help you grow sales? Remember, a third party expert is vastly more credible to buyers than even your CEO.

To contact us, please visit Find New Customers - where you’ll also find a wealth of great and free content on BtoB marketing and demand generation.

You can also “Like” Find New Customers on Facebook or follow @fearlesscomp on Tweeter.

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