Car Commericals, Baltimore and Notre Dame Day

I’d love to have a new car. Who wouldn’t? Love those push button starters and heads up speedometers I see on the TV every single day.

Baltimore is all over the news.

“The police are lying.” Riots and burning vehicles.  “No one is listening.”  I sure hope we are. Sorry about the man who died. This is quite a tragedy. Hope they get that man in the Colorado shooting. Sorry Napal and Katmandu for the earthquake disaster.

I have a shiny old Passat with a new paint job and tinted windows and it runs just fine.Clean it every day and keep it in as good a shape as I can.

I’d love to have a new car, but until I get regular income, it’s not an option right now.

I’m a man who lives in a rental house with no carpets and someone here does all the yard mowing and installation of a new water heater. I’m a man so ads for roofing and air conditional repairs are meaningless to me. Not my decision.

My goal was to fix up that car to enable me to use that car for some time before buying a new one, unless I get a full time job which I hope to do someday soon.

My message to all these car companies is the same. Unless I get a job, which I hope to do someday, that is my car.

I do know a lot about computers and marketing, so that is something I hope to do. Spear Marketing did an interesting survey that shows a real mix on how companies use marketing automation. Lots of companies are not doing buyer personas.

I did interview Scott Monty of Ford in a meeting once which was a lot of fun. I’m also a NAUI certified SCUBA diver and I’m trying to learn Spanish too.

Happy to have Quicken 2015 on my computer now and I just reconciled a bank account for the first time. With this new drive, I can watch rental movies on my computer.

Thank you Best Buy where I used to work in Westbury, NY before my nasty fall and near death experience last April.

Each day now I’m simply glad to be alive and the father of three wonderful boys I love dearly - Matt, Kevin and Tim. Every day I drink coffee in my Best Dad in the World cup, which those buys gave me a long time ago,Jeff's_boys_in_FL_1-10-15_(11) - Copy

Will get my tax refund someday, hopefully but thanks to UNUM, I’m in good shape for now, so no rush.

Some other things are happening, which I will keep to myself for now till I learn more about them.  I’m a Notre Dame graduate through and through and Doctor David Tulsiak is a dear friend of mine who once drove me home after we watched a game and I got sick. In fact, yesterday was Notre Dame Day to celebrate, so congratulations to my alma mater,

Best wishes to Jenny Craig and all those diet programs - thoughts go out to all those people trying to lose weight, but I need to add weight and not lose it. Since my nasty fall a year ago, I’ve needed to add weight which is a clear goal for me.

The Tampa Bay Lightening won and there will be a game 7 here at Amelie Arena on Wednesday night. Got to root for local teams here now, but I also think about the Islanders and Rangers because I used to live in Long Island, NY.

What do you think? Love comments and those who share on social media.

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