Every single day is a gift for me

Unfortunately, I fell 10 feet to a concrete floor on April 1, 2014 and nearly died - until early June 2014. (The photo is the halo I wore for weeks 24 hours a day and even slept in, which was no fun at all.) Cracked spine, broken ribs, tubes, etc.

But thankfully I got many prayers and support from so many people, so that every day I’m alive is like a new Christmas gift for me.Halo

My mom kept a log that is frightening to read.

Fortunately, my long term memory is just fine, but there may be other mental issues, but we will learn this soon after I meet with the doctor on April 9th.

Glad that they convicted that man in Boston who killed so many people and fired the cop who shot that black man.

Agree that #BlackLivesMatter. Every one of us is a member of the human race - no matter if you are black, white or green.

“A promise made is a promise kept.” It is my slogan since I founded Find New Customers and the slogan of Lakeland Regional Health.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt is my news choice and Lester does a great job.  Just 11 hours of deliberation before finding him guilty.  So sorry for the victims of this bombing. #BostonStrong is right for all the victims of this horrific crime.

Some things I do know

I’m a Notre Dame graduate (with a BBA in Marketing) and a big fan and I’m the father of three boys I love with all my heart.

Their photo’s on the fridge and I touch it every single day when I eat breakfast.

Also want to thank my business partners at Likeable Local, who do such a great job. “Social Media Marketing software to make YOU more successful.” If you visit http://www.facebook.com/findnewcustomers, that is the page that they manage for me and they do a great job.

  1. Matt will soon graduate from the University of Delaware with a mechanical engineering degree.
  2. Kevin attends SUNY New Paltz and
  3. Tim is in high school.

Long term memory works pretty good.

Thanks to Mike Brey and the Notre Dame men’s team for going so far before losing to Kentucky.

The Notre Dame women fought hard and lost to UConn last night right here in Tampa, Florida. The NCAA women’s tournament was right here in my new home of Tampa/St.Petersburg.Congrats to Geno, the UCONN coach on the great achievement. As they said “It sure is hard to win a title. You are only as good as you have on the floor.”

Wish I was at the game, but I’ve got to watch my funds closely. Tons of famous people were at that game. Unfortunately, Mike Golic of ESPN lost his bet on the game.

Also sent an email to support the Florida Drinking Water initiative, which is the first time I ever reached out to a Florida politician, but I was glad to do so for something like drinking water.

Lots of local news on Channel 8 but some of it is old and repeated.  Good luck with the QB choice for the football team and all the other Tampa teams.

I also have 4 brothers who I love as well - Mark, Gary, Paul and Mike.

In fact, my brother Paul is a lawyer who once saved me from a past employer, which I will always appreciate. Mike is a great writer and his wife works for Sprint  and Gary has a disaster of a marriage. Mark is a video expert.

Hope everything goes well with the doctor today.

Doctor David Tulsiak is a Notre Dame grad like me and a dear friend who drove me home one evening.  Thank you so much, David. Get texts from him frequently.  Fortunately, I don’t get lost since Verizon fixed my iPhone.

My iPhone is my main phone now and I do get a lot of telemarketing calls, which I block. But if you’re my nurse, my mom or someone i know like Shannon from Likeable Local (or my lawyer Erick), or my driver from Procare Transportation, I’m more happy to talk to you.

What do you think? We love people who share on social media, which we make as easy as we can for you. Please tell me if I have any misspelled words or typos.

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