Nice to get back in touch with Amanda Nelson at Ringlead

Jeffrey L. Ogden of Find New Customers used to write a lot of guest posts for the blog, like the very popular article The Importance of Attitude, which was about my nasty fall and recovery a year ago. It’s already been shared on Twitter 100 times, so please check it out.

(Doing much better now. Thank you.)

My contact at was Amanda Nelson. Amanda now runs content marketing for Ringlead and she just invited to write articles on marketing for the Ringlead blog. I’m deeply honored by this invitation, Amanda. (see photo here)Amanda Nelson

Deeply honored to win this marketing award from Brand Quarterly magazine which has been all over Twitter recently. Honored to be featured with all these great marketers. (Click the image to see the list.)


Please note that the one year anniversary of my nasty fall is coming up on April 1st. April, May and June were lost, as I was in intensive care.

Thank you Matt Heinz of HeinzMarketing for the How I Work post dated November 20, 2014.

Much appreciated, Matt! It’s really good to have contacts like Matt Heinz and Amanda Nelson!

Lastly, I want to congratulate, a tool I have been using for years to rank my name Jeffrey L. Ogden on Google. It’s working really well now.Brand Yourself

They’re going to appear on the TV show Shark Tank on Friday evening on ABC at 8pm Eastern time.  Good luck to them and I hope they raise a lot of money!

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