Sorry about all the snow, everyone and a quick for you

Every night on the news I see all the snow in Boston and everywhere and I feel sorry for all of those people suffering in all that snow. It’s really sad to see so many suffering.

Fortunately Jeffrey L. Ogden of Find New Customers, which I like to call the most likeable company in B2B marketing anywhere. (We’re partnered with Likeable Local, which is Social Media Marketing software to make YOU more successful. They keep making their software better and better.)Jeffrey L. Ogden

Spring cannot come soon enough.

Especially I’d love for my ex wife and boys to fly down here, and they live on Long Island and I love them with all my heart.

I see my kids every morning with their picture on the refrigerator and I drink coffee every morning with a cup that says “Best Dad in the World” so I’m never far from them. Family’s very important to me.

Have a lot of  experience with snow because I’m a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and during my senior year we had 120 inches (10 feet) of lake effect snow. Walked to class every day on sidewalks with packed snow, so snow’s not new to me, but I did get a bachelors degree in Marketing from that great school.

Deeply sad on the death of Father Hesburgh at the age of 97, who was President of Notre Dame when we were students there.  We lost a great man and I heard from everyone in the Notre Dame family, including all my roommates and even Hannah Storm of ESPN, who’s an ND grad like I am.

I also miss my good friend John Ingallinera, who died of brain cancer and he was my best friend in college.

Happy my old 2003 Passat with the rocking sound system with fresh paint and tinted windows got a clean bill of heath yesterday, which was unexpected.

We got a huge number from the VW dealer, so we’re keeping options open and getting more quotes from others.  We’re going to take our time and figure out what’s best.

Watching Fox News last night, I saw a TV ad for Servpro, the company that hired me to deliver a keynote speech in Connecticut last April 5. “Like it never happened” is their tagline.

Unfortunately, I was in a terrible accident just four days before, and I was in intensive care on that day so my speech was cancelled.  We were unable to reschedule, because they lost their budget for the next meeting. Dammit!

Hopefully we can revisit this someday because keynote speaking is a big goal of mine in 2015 and I shot a video on speaking and created a keynote speaking page where you’ll find that great video.

Thank you Presentation expert Bob Turel who helped me with it and thanks to Brand Quarterly magazine for this great marketing award.Marketing Awardwon just a few months ago.

I hope Servpro watches that page because I’d love to reengage with them someday. Please check it out Servpro.

2 things I don’t need is to diet or use drugs.

Cannot put on any weight at all and I’m on no medication at all either. Nor do I smoke.

My father died of lung cancer at age 51 and I never have smoked. Congrats to CVS for becoming CVS Health.

Really miss the online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV, which I used to do and we had awesome guests on that show including many famous people. That show was so much fun to do and I was quite good at it back then.

It all started with Mad Marketing TV that was sponsored by Act-On Software a long time ago when their former VP of Marketing David Appelbaum invited me after I did a webinar with them. David is now at Roku and he is among my 2,600 LinkedIn connections. “You did a great job, Jeff. Let’s do phase 2.” I’d never been on camera or done interviews and what did I say?

“The Power of Yes.”

Worked very hard to make Marketing Made Simple TV a much better show and it certainly was.

In fact, one of my best ideas was to have our guests create promos for the show and they did, like this one by Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local, a best- selling author.  It’s really short, so please watch it.

Thanks to our show director Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit and the platform Watchitoo, which is now called Newrow.- because they made the show work and Newrow kept improving and getting better and better..

Did that show for a long time and became a great interviewer. (This is the logo of the show I created for the show.) We lost the domain for the show after my fall when it expired and someone took it while I was in the hospital.Marketing Made Simple TV

Quizzes are popular on blogs,  so let me ask you a question.

What Star Trek character are you?

Click the link for the quiz and share it with all your friends.

What do you think? We love comments and those who share on social media.

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