The Business Marketing Association is coming to Tampa Bay

The Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay was started by Jeffrey L. Ogden of Find New Customers, the most Likeable company in BtoB marketing.

We moved our publishing time back to 1:30pm to get more social sharing according to What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media? by QuickSprout.

We’ve been working with Greg Olsen of the Business Marketing Association, as well as Shawn Elledge and Bernie Borges, who are top marketing experts and Shawn runs the Kansas City BMA group, which is one of the best.

Our board may be small but we have great people on board and we’re going to educate everyone on marketing best practices in few months. This was going to happen!

One of the things Greg suggested to me is to start a Meetup of the Business Marketing Association for nearly free monthly meetings of B2B marketers and I did set it up for you. I invite you to click the link or the logo and join us.meetup_logo

It keeps growing and growing and we will soon book our first meeting once I figure out when and where to host it.  What do you think?.JeffOgdenAvatar

I’d also like to add that we’re looking to grow our Board of Directors.

We especially need a Treasurer who can help me start a 501C non-profit organization and set up our first bank account.

If you’re interested, please email jeff.ogden at

Here’s some information for you on this great organization:

Join the Business Marketing Association (BMA)

With a 90-year history of success, the BMA’s member benefits only grow stronger as part of the ANA.

Since we understand B-to-B marketer needs, BMA membership benefits are distinct from the consumer marketing environment, where we offer:

  • White papers, articles, industry surveys, and other key resources geared towards B-to-B marketers
  • B-to-B marketing community network and interaction with peers on a level no other organization can deliver
  • Access to industry-leading conferences, speakers, and events
  • Increased exposure to ANA’s more than 630 member companies, representing over 10,000 brands and $250 billion of marketing spend

We will also have great speakers on marketing, because I know them all thanks to my former online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV. In fact, we already have three top speakers lined up for you coning soon.

If you’re interested in helping our Board of Directors  get the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay going, please send an email to jeff.ogden at or fill out the form below.

One thought on “The Business Marketing Association is coming to Tampa Bay

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