The Importance of Marketing Specialization

Jeffrey L. Ogden of Find New Customers who’s known as The Fearless Competitor (follow @fearlesscomp on Twitter) has over 2,800 LinkedIn followers now mostly thanks to the former TV show Marketing Made Simple TV, which is no longer being done.

This is about people who specialize in marketing and while I do have a degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame. I’m deeply saddened by the loss of Fatherr Hesburgh who just passed away at the age of 97. But life marches on and it is my friend Sandra Zorrati’s birthday and she’s one of my 2,800 LinkedIn followers,

Love each and every one of of my LinkedIn contacts and more and more connect every day.  Check out my LinkedIn profile on the top right, which is a blogging best practice.

At last, Find New Customers is now on the Sales Lead Management Association website with all the other B2B marketing companies. It’s about time for us to be featured there

I use my full name of Jeffrey L. Ogden to stop competing with the former NFL kick returner named Jeff Ogden which was a tip from, which is a personal branding site I highly recommend to you.

Joe Pulizzi Marketing Specialist
Joe Pulizzi

But I’m big fan of certain people who specialize in certain marketing things.

Here are 3 of my favorite marketing specialists:

  1. Adele Revella - the Buyer Persona Institute
    Real expert in buyer personas and a dear friend who invited me to test the Buyer Persona Master Class.
  2. Laura Patterson - VisionEdge Marketing
    Deeply knowledgable on marketing metrics and a good friend.
  3. Joe Pulizzi(see image)  - the Content Marketing Institute
    Knows content marketing and wrote Epic Content Marketing and I had him as a guest on the show.

What I love about these three is their expertise in certain marketing topics. And since I know all of them well, they’re a great resource for me - who could be brought in to help anytime we need expertise.

I honestly believe my huge network is a great marketing asset for any company looking for a marketing leader, like the software company I just talked to in Tampa, Florida.

Hope to hear from them soon because I had a great conversation with them this week.

I’m proud to have them on my team and great guest speakers for the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay, which I founded. (See LinkedIn profile)

Here are some SEO tips for you.

  1. We moved our posting time back to get more social sharing, thanks to the QuickSprout article What Time to Post on Social Media?
  2. WordPress has SEO built in (80% according to Matt Cutts. Every post says “Hello Google.”)
  3. I also use Google and Bing webmaster to drive traffic for keywords like sales leads, revenue marketing, and Marketo, which are the keywords used by my former employer, according to

What do you think? We love to read your comments and appreciate those who share on social media, which we make as easy as we can. To contact us, just fill out the form below.

“if more people listened to Jeffrey L. Ogden, more products would be sold.” said Paul Dunay, Chief Marketing Officer and saxophone player in a band. Paul is a good friend of mine.

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