The Power of B2B Lead Nurturing

As many as 9 out of 10 visitors to your website are not ready to buy, but most of them will

Lead Nurturingeventually and I want to educate you on this important marketing topic of lead nurturing.

This is why you need to share great content (focused on them and not you) with them over time - gently earning their trust till they begin to trust your company.

By tracking their activity using marketing automation, you can identify the “hand raise” which says they are ready to talk to sales. (Lead Scoring)

We moved our posting time back to early afternoon to get more social sharing, according to a post i read and WordPress has SEO built-in (80% according to expert Matt Cutts).

This is a story about Jeffrey L. Ogden and not Jeff Ogden, who’s a former NFL kick returner. Can’t compete with him, but here’s the great marketing award I won recently. Thanks Brand Quarterly magazine.Marketing Award

Unfortunately, few companies do lead nurturing at all, and those who do tend to do it poorly. The data shows that very, very few are doing lead scoring either.

This is why Find New Customers created this presentation - to help you learn what lead nurturing is all about.

(Note: Slideshare recently rewrote their application in HTML5 from Flash, so now it works well on all mobile devices plus Google can search/index the text inside your slides. Great move by Slideshare!)

We also invite you to download our free cheat sheet on Lead Nurturing and to check out our Lead Nurturing and Scoring Service.

What do you think? We love comments and those who share.

Jeffrey L. Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is the President of the B2B lead generation company Find New Customers. He’s also the founder of the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay.

Find New Customers helps companies dramatically improve revenue results by transforming the way they attract, engage and win new customers and get sales leads they really need.

To contact Find New Customers, just fill out the form below or visit our website to set up a free 15 minute call with Jeffrey L. Ogden.

“If more companies listened to (Find New Customers) a lot more would be sold.” Paul Dunay, Chief Marketing Officer

3 thoughts on “The Power of B2B Lead Nurturing

  1. The rising popularity of lead nurturing is no surprise in a struggling economy. There are simply not enough low hanging fruits anymore, thus the need to maintain a relationship with long term prospects until they become sales ready.

  2. Thanks for your reply, Cyanne. I agree that it is due to struggling economy. But I also believe high speed internet turned people into window shoppers. It’s simply so easy to find solutions to business problems online - but to turn a browser into a buyer - that takes great lead nurturing.

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