Using the information in your content strategy

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers was trained in the Buyer Persona Master Class and Buyer Personas are one of the services offered by Find New Customers.

Adele Revella (@buyerpersona) of the Buyer Persona Institute and joe Pulizzi(@joepulizzi)  of the Content Marketing Institute are great resources for you and great friends for me. Adele is also working on a new book on buyer personas.  Congratulations, Adele.

How You Sell How I buy

Buyer Personasare useless unless you can document your findings and use them in your content marketing strategy and this is one important topics covered in the Buyer Persona Master Class which I completed. Thank you, Adele.

To continue our series on Buyer Personas, let’s look at how you use what you learned, based on the expert Adele Revella. I strongly suggest you make Buyer Personas a company priority early in 2015, because they are the foundation of great content marketing.

“Many parts of your company can benefit from the insights you will glean from your buyer persona research. In the excitement about everything you have learned, it will be tempting to put together a bunch of PowerPoint slides to show Sales and Product Management everything you have learned.  We caution you to be careful in this respect.  Using personas to guide the work in other department is beyond the scope of this e-book, so well stick with the content marketing issues.

The most important objective for your insights is to use to use them to improve your marketing content. But before you blast off on writing, there is one more step - you need to define an overall messaging strategy.  The messaging strategy isn’t your actual copy, it describes your plan to persuade a particular buyer to purchase your product/service/solution.

The messaging template is the Appendix.” and Find New Customers got it during our training, so we have it for you too.

With these thoughts in mind, you’ll identify the five points you need to reinforce what they like and overcome their barriers.

What do you think? Has this information on Buyer Persona been helpful? We love to read comments (No SPAM please) and appreciate those who share on social media which we make as easy as we can for you.

My good friend Adele Revella is starting a new book on Buyer Personas, so keep your eye peeled for it.

To contact Find New Customers about Buyer Personas, just fill out the form below.


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