In Content Marketing, every word matters. Thus Buyer Personas matter!

Jeff Ogden, President  of Find New Customers was trained in Buyer Personas in the Buyer Persona Master Class by the Buyer Persona Institute and Buyer Personas is one of the services we offer you.

In order to use the right words in Content Marketing, Buyer Personas are essential in B2B marketing today, plain and simple.They’re the difference between mediocre content and great results.

buyer persona There was a question recently on LinkedIn about how to get multiple writers on the same page and that’s the question that was asked “How do we get multiple writers on the same page?” Buyer Personas are the answer to that question, because well documented customer insights gets everyone on the same page.

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The answer to that question is the same - develop buyer personas.

Well documented learnings are the road map for a large group of writers - because they all can follow it.

There’s a great post you should read at the Buyer Persona Institute by Adele Revella, a good friend of mine, entitled

Make Every Word Matter (and Make Sure Your Buyer Personas Tell You How)

Buyer personas are developed by talking to the right customers, asking the right questionsEpic Content Marketing and documenting the facts learned the right way to create great content using the right words in B2B demand generation.

Not only do you need to talk on the phone with your customers, but you need to document your findings too, with the right forms so you can fully document your findings.

Do you know the right customers to talk to, the right questions to ask, and the right way to document the facts learned to drive the right words in Content Marketing?

My good friend Joe Pulizzi of The Content Marketing Institute in his book Epic Content Marketing, dedicated an entire chapter to “audience personas” which is his term for buyer personas, which he discussed with me on Marketing Made Simple TV, the online TV show which is no longer being done, but Joe’ s show was a great one and I want to share it with you and it’s less than 16 minutes long. (In our question to improve, we tried to make Marketing Made Simple TV shorter and shorter for you.)

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The training needed to do buyer personas the right way  is why I suggest you bring in a buyer persona professional and not just send out a survey using something like

Surveys are not buyer personas because in surveys you have to document all your questions in advance and buyer personas are about uncovering information you didn’t expect. That’s a lesson I’ve learned from Adele, who’s an expert and she told me that many times.

You simply cannot pre-plan buyer personas, because they are in-effect - a detective process.

Unless someone in marketing is trained and experienced in Buyer Personas, you go outside, like SAP did in hiring Adele Revella of The Buyer Persona Institute. I suggest you keep it to the real trained professionals.

Adele reached out to me and invited me to be the first person to take the Buyer Persona Master Class.  Not only was this a great education, but it also gave me the tools used by world-class buyer persona experts.  Thanks so much, Adele.

If your company is looking for help with buyer personas, just shoot an email to jeff.ogden at or visit Find New Customers to set up your free 15 minute conversation with me.

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