The Simple Rule: The Person Who Fails the Most, Wins

Find New Customers is now partnered with Likeable Local and we just got a book from them entitled “What To Do When It is Your Turn (and it’s always Your Turn.)” by Seth GodinSeth Godin, because I attended their webinar recently..

“Thanks for being such a positive and enthusiastic partner, Jeff.”

Likeable Local, Social Media Marketing software to make YOU more successful) and I are doing a webinar for medical companies, especially dentists and chiropractors in Tampa/St. Petersburg on January 27th.  More info will be coming soon.

One of my favorite lines from this book is “The person who fails the most, win.” and I agree completely with that statement by Seth Godin.

I was recently with my sons at a Holiday Inn talking to basketball coaches from Emory who had just lost a game.  I told those men that failure, aka losing, is how teams improve and they agreed. Those men where analyzing the loss.

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never taken a chance and Seth’s quote rings more true than ever.

“If I fail more than you do, I win.” Seth Godin  Seth is certainly right. No chance taken means no failure. No chance, no results.

There’s a lot of free content on BtoB marketing at Find New Customers, so check it out and download our great content, like How to Find New Customers, a great white paper once sponsored by Marketo and edited by a top sales author, so it is very good and it is highly recommended.

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It is a lot easier to write a good blog post now that my keyboard is lit up.  My son fixed it in this new rocket-fast Lenovo Yoga 2 computer. which was a major upgrade for Find New Customers.

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