A Fun Friday evening at Find New Customers

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is a divorced single man in St. Petersburg Florida, but I’ve been here long enough to have a really fun Friday evening planned;

My Notre Dame buddy, Dr, David Tulsiak, is joining me at these two fun events tonight:

  1. Beers on the Pier- at the St. Petersburg Historical SocietyBEERS-ON-THE-PIER-LOGO-NO-DATE-2-300x300
  2. 3d Browing Company Annual Party

Both of these events have live bands and craft beer and will be packed with people and should be tons of fun.

I love live music and good beer.

Both of these events are thanks to the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce(Find New Customers is now a member)  were I met Leigh Harting, owner of 3 Daughters Brewing who is now a good friend of mine and I attended a meeting at the St. Peter Historical Society too.

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