Is Seth Godin the only one with slogans? No!

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers has a beautiful business card with a slogan on the back of every card by Seth Godin.

I’m a big an of Seth, and so many people have told me I have a one of the best business cards they have ever seen, but is he the only game in town?  No!

Go Make Something Happen! Could not agree more, Seth!


Seth Godin

Here are my top five slogans, just like Seth Godin. Hope you like them.

  1. Every day you wake-up, make something great happen
  2. The Art of Conversation is simple. Ask a great question and shut up.
  3. It is easy for forget, but don’t forget people’s names
  4. There is no black or white. We are all human beings.
  5. Can you write a blog or found a company?  Why not?

What do you think of these five slogans? We love comments (no SPAM please) and those show share on social media/

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