“A Promise Made is a Promise Kept” - a Motto of Find New Customers

That is one of the key mottos of the Tampa based marketing company Find New Customers, the best name of any company on Earth.  After all, what business is not looking for new customers?  A promis is a promis

As Gary from Vistage told me “Marketing is universal.  Everyone is in marketing today, no matter your title,”  Gary’s right. There is nothing more important than Marketing today.

I see closed businesses everywhere in the Tampa/Saint Petersburg areas and I think “There’s another marketing failure.” Marketing is the life blood of business today. Failure to market your business effectively, it is good-bye..

At Find New Customers, if we say if we are going to do something, we do it, A man is only as good as his word. A promise made is a promise kept and Seth Godin discussed the importance of keeping promises too.

A good example of keeping promises is our client, Mintigo,  They had an article by one of their executives, Atul , about a new product that works with Oracle/Eloqua.

They sent it to Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers for one simple reason,  Jeff knows everyone, including Amanda Batista who heads content marketing for Eloqua/Oracle, who was a first level Linkedin contact for Jeff, so I had her contact information,

“Please let us know if Oracle/Eloqua will publish that post.” wrote Tony from Mintigo, My client wondered if I could get the job done.

I did,

Within two hours, I got this email from Amanda:

Thanks, Jeff and Atul, for sharing the interview.
We’ll review and likely post to our blog soon. Will circle back with a link.
Amanda F. Batista | Content Marketing Manager | +1.201.674.5277
Oracle Marketing Cloud
Bronx, New York

Thank you Amana Batista of Oracle Marketing Cloud,

Mintigo hired me to get things done for them and I did.  If you ask Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers to do something, it gets done,

Let’s move on to the next big project Mintigo, because I do NOT work for free, plain and simple.

The world class network of Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers belongs to him and not you,  If you want front row access, you have to pay for those great seats.

If any of you want to talk to  talk to the man who gets things done, please visit Find New Customers and sign up for a free 15 minute call.  If a company in Russia can get help, I bet you can too.

What do you think? We love comments (not SPAM) and those who share on social media..

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