Happy Thanksgiving from Find New Customers!

Today’s a day all about family, fun and football.  It’s Thanksgiving.

All of us at Find New Customers hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.  I miss my kids and ex-wife too, and I love them all very much and I wish them a happy Thanksgiving too.

Abraham Lincoln

Did you know that Thanksgiving is a holiday created by Abraham Lincoln, our poet President, in 1863, when the Union was losing the Civil War?

I learned that Thanksgiving fact in an Opinion post in the Wall St. Journal, my favorite digital newspaper - which I read every day on my iPad Air, which is one of the most useful devices ever.

Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local was a guest of mine on Marketing  Made Simple TV and we are becoming business partners down here in Tampa/St, Petersburg, so I want to share his great Inc article about quotes to inspire your sense of gratitude.

Please read it because Dave is a great guy and dear friend of mine and he reTweets me all the time with his 47,400 followers.  Thanks, Dave!

15 Quotes to Inspire Your Sense of Gratitude

A successful entrepreneur shares what was missing in his life and how he changed it.


I will be spending the day at my Mom’s house and no matter where you spend it have a great Thanksgiving holiday!turkey1

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