Here’s Why Dumping Ron and iOptimize Marketing was the right idea

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers, the nicest company in BtoB marketing, once worked for Greenlight Digital in London for a very short period of time.

After leaving Greenlight, I partnered with the man  they foolishly invited to replace Big mistakeme and formed our first company, iOptimize Marketing, focused on the hospitality industry.

We built a website and went to work making sales calls and trying to crank up the business,

But soon I felt this first company was doomed and I told my partner that I wanted to end it. He had me sign an agreement turning all assets of iOptimize Marketing to him,  I signed it and it was his,

Was I right to pull the plug?  Clearly I was because iOptimize Marketing no longer exists. It is a domain that no one owns according to GoDaddy.

Here is the lesson for you.  If it does’t feel right and you have doubts about it, you are probably right.  It is going to fail - and it did,

I’m a nice man, so I wish no bad will toward my former partner.  I’m just glad I had the good sense to pull the plug on him,

What do you think? Have you ever had a failed business partner? Were you able to get rid of him in time?

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