Find New Customers and Vistage Florida - Unbeatable Combination!

Find New Customers is now working with Vistage Florida to grow the business and this is very exciting news.

I asked Rolfe Arnhym, Chairman of Vistage Florida to help me grow my business and improve my personal goals and he said that is what they were all about.

I don’t do anything anymore without first bouncing it off Rolfe, My college roommate Michael Shepardson, President of Paca Foods, is a big fan of Rolfe too,

This is tremendously exciting news for Find New Customers. When I was in a hospital bed, I decided that growing the business was my top priority, and not looking for a job.  So this is exciting indeed because getting great advice on how to grow your business is Job One,

There is nothing more important to me than growing Find New Customers and having the help of Vistage is a huge win because Vistage is the worlds largest group of CEO’s and you work with the very best in the business.

The Vistage Advantage

The Vistage system is defined by the integration of four benefits developed and refined by high-performing business leaders over the last 50-plus years. Each of the four legs complements and builds on the other, offering a comprehensive package with no blind spots:

  • “Advisory Board” Peer Group Meetings
  • Private 1-to-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • Expert Speaker Workshops
  • Exclusive Content and Connectivity
Jon Sundt

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