Today Begins the JotForm Web Form Design Awards 2014 - Guest Post

 To celebrate the awe-inspiring forms users have been creating using Jotform’s new Form Designer,

Jot Formthe company today launched a contest challenging people to come up with even more. And so far, the results are good. JotForm has already received well over 1,000 signups from eager contestants, and the number is expected to grow considerably before the contest officially ends on Dec. 4.

The Web Form Design Awards gives $7,500 to the top winner, in addition to $500 for category selections, free t-shirts, lifetime premium JotForm subscriptions, and a host of other prizes from JotForm partners.

The Web Form Design Awards also allow designers to have their works judged by a panel of industry experts, key designers, and thought leaders, including Entrepreneur Magazine Executive Editor, Carolyn Horowitz, and Noupe Magazine Editor in Chief, Dieter Petereit, among others.Jot Form Orange

In addition to the $7,500 that goes to the grand winner, $500 goes to the Best Mobile Form, Best Survey, Best Contact Form, Best E-Commerce Form, and the affectionately chosen Worst Form.

For years JotForm has been on the forefront of enabling users to build forms with incredible ease. But their new Form Designer goes a step beyond; allowing designers to create beautiful, custom forms in a fraction of the time it previously took them using standard CSS. In an industry where time is precious, the Form Designer is preventing a lot of headaches.

To learn more about JotForm’s Web Form Design Awards, visit

This company contacted Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers on November 4th to tell us we have a great blog and they want to work with us on these awards. I’m deeply honored to have such recognition.

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