The Critical Importance of Marketing Specialization

Why everyone needs to have a specialty, like mine in Marketing

Ruth Stevens

The award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden is 100% focused on marketing.

You should specialize in something too. This story explains why.

Recently Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers added a post to LinkedIn and there was a minor typo in my post.  I didn’t notice it but another top marketing expert, Ruth Stevens, sure did, a nice lady I have known for years and years and someone I met in NYC too.

I didn’t even ask for help.   Ruth emailed me that she loved my post, but it had a typo in the first line.

I still couldn’t find the LinkedIn post, so Ruth sent me the URL.   It turned out to be the white paper I wrote which was originally sponsored by Marketo and edited by a well-known sales author, so it is VERY well-written.

Why download How to Find New Customers?

I fixed it and thanked her for her help.  She wrote “Friends don’t let friends…: I’m honored to have Ruth as my friend.

Here is a bit about my friend Ruth Stevens, who is a highly respected marketing leader who is one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in BtoB Marketing.

Ruth Stevens

B2B marketing | Sales lead generation | Consultant | Speaker | Educator | Outside director | @RuthPStevens

New York, New York
Marketing and Advertising

What really impressed me is this.  when you are known for a specialty like marketing as I am, people who know marketing go to bat for you. , as Ruth did for me.

Also, because I was the Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV, which are still on Youtube, I’m fortunate to know so many top people in our industry, such as New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel on the show and he knows me.

In fact, Marketing Made ‘Simple TV is the reason I have such a huge network of top marketing experts. Booking the very best for the show was a key improvement to the show and that is why I know so many key people today.

For instance, if you want to create marketing metrics, I personally know the two top experts in the USA, Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing and Jim Lenskold of The Lenskold Group. Laura and Jim are both good friends of mine.

What do you think? I love comments and those who share on social media too.

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