Why’s it important to get LinkedIn connections?

The award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers explains how you can get better results from LinkedIn.

If people are connecting with you on LinkedIn, why should you care? This will answer your questions about LinkedIn. And please note that we have View My Linkedin Profile at the top right of this blog.  Great way to get more people to check out your LinkedIn profile. And I have lots of great recommendations too, so check it out.

Everyone who connects with you becomes a first level connection. That means he or she will see everything you post on LinkedIn.  Connecting to the right people on LinkedIn means the right people see what you post.  That is why it is wise to connect with as many business leaders as you can.

We should also look for how to make connections on LinkedIn. It used to be easy to personalize your invitation as it would invite you to optionally fill out a personalized invitation, but LinkedIn changed it to a small triangle on the right.  Click on the triangle to see all your options.  If you just click on Connect, is it NOT personalized.

I just connected with Eric, because he invited me to connect on Twitter.  He sent a Twitter DM to @fearlesscomp. You have to be everywhere today. That is right. Even Twitter.

Eric L. Mitchell

Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Mobitor Corporation |Social Selling Expert|Social Media Marketing Manager

San Francisco Bay Area
Information Technology and Services
  1. HackerBrands,
  2. Mobitor Corporation
  1. LucidWorks,
  2. Adobe EchoSign,
  3. MDHeavy Industries
  1. California State University-Sacramento

Here is someone I connected with recently, the Director of Talent at Echo Logistics..  Echo Logistics is looking for a VP of Marketing in Chicago and that is why it is good to connect with her, as I am a superb candidate for that important role

For proof of that, just watch this short video clip created by my son.  Meet Your New Chief Marketing Officer - Jeff Ogden, It just gives you three reasons why.

Tauhidah Shakir

Tauhidah Shakir

Director of Talent at Echo Global Logistics

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Human Resources
  1. Echo Global Logistics,
  2. ULTA Beauty
  1. Fossil, Inc,
  2. Manpower Inc.
  1. Bowie High School

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