Where Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers will be on Saturday evening

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers is not only an award-winning marketing expert who won the SLMA marketing award three years in a row, but he’s also a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame.Toasted Monkey

When you’re a student at Notre Dame and you stand in the student section for all of every football game, it affects you.  There’s a saying “You can get a four-year degree from any school, but only Notre Dame gives 40 year degrees“, and it is true. If you have a degree from the University of Notre Dame, you are a fan for the rest of  your life. In fact, during my freshman year, Joe Montana was our quarterback.

Joe Montana
Joe Montana is a Hall of Fame QB and Notre DAme grad

Tonight Notre Dame plays Navy and my son Matthew is at the game.  He’s a senior at the University of Delaware and he is a big Notre Dame fan just like his dad. By the way, Joe Flacco in the NFL is a Delaware grad too, so even Delaware produces great quarterbacks too.

I will be at the beach at St. Petersburg in this beach bar called The Toasted Monkey  (6110 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach) watching the game with the Notre Dame Club of Tampa Bay,

This beach bar is run by former owners of a bar in South Bend called the Linebacker Inn, so they have free food and all kinds of good things there.

This should be a lot of fun, because I have not yet been to the beach here, although I have lived in Tampa/St Petersburg for months, I’ve not yet been to the beach. But I will be later today.

If you are a college sports fan in Tampa or St. Petersburg, I hope you can join us there at the beach. It is a really fun event.

Why not spend your day at the St. Petersburg beach too? Come down to the The Toasted Monkey on  Saturday evening and hang out with  all of us Notre Dame grads and fans.

Go Irish Beat Navy

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