Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is one of the best writers inĀ America!

If everyone thinks Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is a world-class writer, why does one part of one company say no? HubSpotVerified accountā€@HubSpot @fearlesscomp Haha, true ā€” and weā€™re glad to hear it! The world needs great writers. Write on! :) Salesforce also says Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is a great writer.ā€¦

8 out of 10 Marketers Fail to do BuyerĀ Personas

The Content Marketing Institute says that Buyer Personas are one of the most overlooked areas of marketing today, with 8 out of 10 getting a failure grade. I think the main reason is that companyā€™s lack the training and donā€™t know how to conduct a quality buyer persona. Nor do they know how to documentā€¦

The Time I was a Featured Guest on HubspotĀ TV

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers was once a featured marketing expert on Hubspot TV with Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe. You can follow both of these Hubspot employees on Twitter or Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers too. In fact, our Twitter IDā€™s are on our name cards in front of us. That wasā€¦

The Importance of a Good Leadership page - Rob and DeployĀ Ideas

ā€œR&D - Rob and Deploy - the best marketing ideas from othersā€ by Henry Devries One of the best ways to promote your LinkedIn profile is to add a View my LinkedIn Profile button to the top of your blog, which we did. Ā Itā€™s at the top of this blog now. Thanks to LinkedIn andā€¦

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is a Notre DameĀ grad

You can get a four year degree from any school. Only Notre Dame hands out 20 year degrees. Great news: I donā€™t need neck surgery! And the Fighting Irish are off this week. Ā So Iā€™m not going to MacDintonā€™s South Tampa to watch my Fighting Irish with the Notre Dame Club of Tampa Bay, likeā€¦

The Best White Paper on B2B Demand Generation EverĀ Written!

How to Find New Customers is the best white paper on BtoB demand generation ever written, and that is the truth. One of the best ways to get more viewers to your LinkedIn profile is by adding a View My Profile on Linkedin button to your blog.. We did that, thanks to the help ofā€¦

Sorry Toto. Weā€™re not in NYC anyĀ more.

Find New Customers is in Tampa/St Petersburg and Ā not Long Island, NY This blog is more popular than it has ever been. Thank you so much! I still get lots of emails from my former life in Long Island, NY. Ā But Find New Customers is now in Tampa/St. Peterburg, Florida and is no longer inā€¦

What makes Jeff Ogden a superb Chief Marketing OfficerĀ candidate?

Follow me on Twitter here I like to call resumes the ā€œpiss poor predictor of potential performance.ā€ Ā Too many companies try to make decisions on resumes alone. As one who has personally made hiring mistakes from resumes alone (He had the perfect resume. I hired him and he was a dud.) I learned this lessonā€¦

A Must Visit Site for Companies in the Tampa/St. PeterburgĀ areas

For companies in Western Florida, especially the Tampa/St. Petersburg areas, thereā€™s a site you really need to visit and it is Find New Customers. If you are as tired of the Florida governors race as I am, do yourself a favor and see the new superb video you will find at Find New Customers. Itā€¦