The Business Marketing Association is coming to Tampa Bay, led by Jeff Ogden

The Business Marketing Association will soon be opening a Chapter in Tampa Bay, Florida.  This represents the first BMA chapter in Florida. And I just got a call from the Tampa Business Journal and they want to learn more about the BMA and we just purchased this domain for the Tampa Bay Chapter  TPA is the Tampa Airport too.Business Marketing Association

The leader of this chapter is the award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden, of Find New Customers, and he’s in process setting up his Board of Directors.

And please note that the nicest company in B2B marketing today, Find New Customers, has NEVER sued a client, which at least one other demand generation agency has.

To learn about the Business Marketing Association, please visit

To learn about the BMA, please watch this video.

What can the BMA do for you?

If you want to learn more about the BMA, read this:

For more than 90 years, BMA has been the pre-eminent service organization for professionals in this vital industry. As market realities so often prove, no one stays in business that long without continually meeting their customers’ needs.

BMA has earned the respect and loyalty of members by following a simple, three-part strategic vision.

  1. Be the primary repository of the best in business-to-business marketing information and resources.
  2. Attract the best practitioners.
  3. Promote the best practices in the industry.

The benefits of belonging are just as straightforward. We connect members with the kind of knowledge, people and programs that make achieving their companies’ objectives more efficient and effective.

As a business marketer or communicator, your needs are distinct from those of the consumer marketing environment. Broad-brush marketing associations or trade organizations devoted to a single program category can not effectively provide the required resources. You need an association that, like you, focuses on meeting the challenges presented in business marketing, day in and day out. You need the Business Marketing Association.

What do you think?  Are you a fan or not of the Business Marketing Association?  Want to hear from you.

What do you think? Love comments here.

If your company is looking for a very well-connected award-winning BtoB marketing expert, just fill out the form below.

This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor - President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter at @fearlesscomp

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