Advice for Job-Seekers - Go Beyond the Resume!

Top SecretLife used to be a lot simpler if you were looking for a job.  Just go to LinkedIn, apply for a job and your phone would ring to schedule an interview.

Not anymore.  Companies are flooded with resumes and are looking for any excuse to throw some away - including yours and mine.  Despite the fact that I have a record number of LinkedIn endorsements (45) and a stellar resume - I received dozens of rejection notices.  That does not bode well for you.

Here’s the secret to success today — your job search needs to go far beyond a resume.  

How to do that - is the purpose of this post = to give you the secrets to engage the real decision makers.

(By the way, I invite you to check out the book, Get Back to Work Faster, which is now a FREE PDF.)

Face it, looking for a job is Sales and the product is you!  So get used to the fact that you are trying to sell the product - you!

Get Back to Work Faster was written by a top sales expert (I don’t mention her name because I don’t want her to think I’m taking advantage of her name) and profiles yours truly.  Some great ideas in this FREE book, so take advantage of it.

I suggest you go well beyond your resume.  Let’s look at an example:

You go to and click on jobs.  Let’s say you want a sales manager job and you are experienced and have a great resume.

You find a job working as a sales manager for ABC Software Corp.  It was posted by Head of Recruiting, Janet Simmons, and from the job description, you see the job reports to the VP of Global Sales.  Go to and look up their VP of Global Sales, Jon Miller. Now you have two good names - the recruiting person, Janet Simmons, and the hiring manager, Jon Miller.

Here are some thing you can do:

  1. Connect with both Jane and Jon via LinkedIn (For God’s sake, please customize your notes and tell them why they should connect with you.)
  2. Send them special content you created, like my video Meet Your New Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Ogden, which give 3 reasons why I’m an ideal CMO. (I’m lucky to have an 18 year old son - who’s an expert at video work.)
  3. Send them articles of interest or a free book on sales signed by y0u. (The author of Get Back to Work Faster has many great sales books.)

The main idea is to stay at top of mind all the time, so when they are ready to move forward, you are in their minds.

Here’s another great example. There is an energy software company in Boston looking for Chief Marketing Officer.

On Labor Day, I saw a Tweet by Eloqua cited the biggest challenges faced by Chief Marketing Officers in the USA.  It came from a Korn-Ferry survey and revealed concerns about the flood of big data and only one in four CMO are able to demonstrate the value of marketing to the company leadership team.

I thought - this company won’t want to hire a CMO with those problems.  Then I thought about the great relationships and books I have gotten from creating and hosting Marketing Made Simple TV.  For instance, the two top metrics experts in the USA are close personal friends mine.  This turned into an email to the hiring manager and recruiter there.

Forget the resume and keep working!

What I found is that 99 out of 100 resumes alone came back in rejections - despite my great resume.

I also suggest you build relationships with good recruiters, but that is hard to measure objectively.  However, you never know what will happen, so keep networking and building relationships.

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What do you think? Love comments here.

This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor - President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter Follow @fearlesscomp

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