Step 3: What you do when a visitor to your website is NOT ready to buy?

The answer: Lead Nurturing.

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The definition of lead nurturing is sharing information of value to your prospective buyer, so that you earn his or her trust and when he or she is finally ready to buy, she turns to her preferred supplier - you!

To get a nice education on the whole process, go to Find New Customers and download the FREE white paper, How to Find New Customers.

A Chief Marketing Officer once described to me the different between Sales and Marketing this way:

  1. Marketing looks for Mr. Right
  2. Sales looks for Mr. Right Now

Great line!  If you need to take time to earn the trust of a prospective buyer, then do NOT leave lead nurturing up to salespeople to do. They simply don’t have the patience to earn trust.  Instead, they’re looking for Mr. Right Now.

Before we start with lead nurturing, let’s start with what you need to get started - the ingredients, if you will.

  • Buyer Personas - good understanding of the buying process is critical to marketing
  • Content Marketing - to nurture leads, you need to share information of value to them and that means good content.
  • Marketing Automation - This is where marketing tools like Act-On Software, Marketo and Pardot become invaluable. You can automate the nurturing process by setting up the process in the marketing software.

How do I know what information to share at what time? That may be your question.

I suggest you map your steps to the buying process, like that outlined in How to Find New Customers.  If you are unsure, just assume they are in the first stage - Untroubled/Unaware - where they don’t know they have a problem or they do and they don’t care about it.

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This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor - President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter Follow @fearlesscomp

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