5 Marketing Lessons Learned from marketing Find New Customers

Marketing the new Florida-based company Find New Customers has been an interesting experience and I’ve learned a lot that i wish to share with you. By the way, I came up with this campaign as I was badly hurt and in the hospital.

As a top lead generation company, we should be able to do this well, so try these in your business and a let me know how you do with them.

These five lessons work for any smaller business as well as larger businesses, so learn them and embrace them.

1. Stop SellingStop Selling

No one likes to be sold, but nearly everyone likes to buy. You need sales but you must first earn trust. So you need to share thought leadership content with prospective buyers and not blatant sales pitches. In fact, one of our mottos is “Always be Helping.” I once got a sales pitch email and I immediately deleted it.

2. When the World Zigs, You Zag

Face it. Everyone sends emails today and almost no company uses old fashion snail mail. But that’s exactly why you should use it.  People get far too many emails and their mailbox is empty..

3. You Must Use the Phone

Using the phone you talk to people, leave messages and uncover interesting facts to clean up your database. There is no other way to get that useful information. Call each and every week to your marketing database.  It also really helps to do some research, like visiting their website before you call..  I also wrote a nice script to use on the phone and it works very well. Planning is key.

4. Mix Your Media

Don’t just keep emailing someone or just calling them.  Use mail, email, calls, everything you can think of to earn trust with prospective buyers.  Even connect with people on LinkedIn, but take the time to personalize your LinkedIn invitations.

5. Marketing is an Ongoing Process - It Never Stops

If you just market for a couple of months, you may just get one or two leads - or zero.  Marketing takes an ongoing investment of time, effort and money and every business needs to do it all the time..

If your company is looking for help from a very well-connected award winning BtoB marketing expert, just fill out the form below.

What do you think? Love comments here.

This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor - President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter at @fearlesscomp

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