In the Content Marketing Kingdom, Third-Party Experts Rule

Recently, a West Coast software firm hired Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers and Creator &  Host of Marketing Made Simple TV - and his world-class network - to write articles to promote their new product.third party

This company felt that having a third-party develop content and publish it would bring them great coverage - far great than they can do themselves.

I agree, and the post by this title at verified their approach.

I’ll share some quotes here, but just click the link to read the  source post at MarketingProfs by Phil Paranicas.

In the Content Marketing Kingdom, Third Party Experts Rule

“A March 2014 study by Nielsen/inPowered MediaLab looked at three types of content—branded (company-generated) content, user reviews, and third-party expert content. Hands down, the expert content had the most impact on buyers throughout the purchasing cycle, the study found.

Why? The implied endorsement of third-party experts holds much more weight to consumers than anything a company can say about itself.

B2B marketers should take a page out of the B2C playbook, and actively seek out such experts. Before exploring the realm of third-party reviews, let’s take a quick look at both branded content and user reviews. They, too, can help build your content kingdom.”

Amen, Phil.  Let’s say you’re shopping for a new car, and your long time next door neighbor tells you about how great his 4 year old Subaru car is and how much he loves it.  Then you go to the dealer and a salesman says “This Subaru is a great car.”

Whom do you believe?  I bet over 9 out of 10 will say the neighbor.  He does not work for Subaru -so he has no vested interest. That’s the same problem marketers have. If they tell the world how great they are, few will believe them.

Phil’s article explains how to find these experts and woo them - so go read it.

I suggest more and more B2B marketing leaders look for top experts.

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