Florida gets its own BtoB demand generation agency - Find New Customers

Florida gets its own marketing agency, Find New Customers - the nicest company in BtoB marketing today.

Why does that matter? As companies face consistent challenges in sales and marketing and profits fall, they find it harder and hard to tackle Floridathings like:

  • Buyer Personas
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Social Media

Most companies lack the hired talent to interview recent buyers and document findings (buyer personas), as well as write a blog that updates each and every day.

(I was once a guest on Hubspot TV and their Chief Marketing Officer Mike Volpe was amazed that one person can blog as often as dozens at Hubspot do.) then profits fall and personnel gets changed.

If they cannot fix it themselves, they outsource it instead to companies like Find New Customers.  Find New Customers recently moved from just outside New York City to sunny Florida!

To get answers those companies turn to sales and marketing experts like me, Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers, to diagnose their problems and come up with activities that truly make a difference in profits, like our SCORE demand generation program (Simple, Clear, Optimal Revenue Enhancement.)  That is our fully documented program to help your company implement programs to find new customers for your business.  It takes at least six months to complete, so don’t expect instant results.

There are plenty of fine demand generation firms in the USA, such as Bulldog Solutions in Austin, TX and Heinz Marketing in Seattle, WA.  There is also one in Atlanta, GE - that I wish to leave nameless. But now Florida has its own firm, Find New Customers!

I’d also like to mention why the firm is called Find New Customers and why I say we are the nicest in the business.

I could have called it Ogden Marketing, but I’m one of the most customer-centric people on earth and I have no ego. Your business needs to “find new customers.” Plain and simple - I think we have one of the very best company names in the market.

We’re also very nice. Why does that matter?  My guess is that you like dealing with nice companies.  Almost all of those companies know sales and marketing, but none of them say they are nice.  That’s why we use it. I makes us unique!

Being recognized by peers is also important because it assures you are getting quality.  Check out the Awards and Recognition won by me, Jeff Ogden.  I also did something unique by far. I was the founder and creator of Marketing Made Simple TV, where I interviewed many famous authors and marketing experts.  So not only I’m I an expert, but I do very creative things.

While we are based in Florida (St. Petersburg, FL) and there are plenty of firms in the Florida area, you need not have a business in Florida.

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This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor - President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter at @fearlesscomp