Proud Graduate of the University of Notre Dame

“Other schools give 4 year degrees. Notre Dame gives 40 year degrees.”

Jeff Ogden, the award-winning marketing expert and Host and Creator of the popular online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV, is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame, from where he holds a degree in Marketing. who would also make a great Chief Marketing Officer for a smart company.

According to Fortune, the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame is the number one undergraduate business school in America - for the third year in a row. Sorry, Harvard…

I’m reminded of a story that happened several years ago that shows the true value of a Notre Dame degree.

I was working for large business intelligence software (where I was their top salesperson) I had just set a meeting with Keith Sherin, Chief Financial Officer of General Electric.  My boss said “Jeff, how did you get that meeting (with a top executive)?” I said “Andrew, Keith was graduated from the University of Notre Dame one year before me.”

My boss then said “I didn’t ask you where he went to school. I asked you how you set the meeting.” I replied “Andrew, you really don’t get this, do you?”

I’m thrilled to be a graduate of the awesome University of Notre Dame!

God, Country, Notre Dame.

Can’t wait for football season to start! Did you know that students at Notre Dame stand for the entire game?

In addition to being a Notre Dame graduate, I’m a proud husband and dad, who’s 17 year old son created this amazing video. Check it out.

Meet Jeff Ogden, your new Chief Marketing Officer

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