Here’s why I have zero interest in attending your marketing conference

No, I’m NOT going to attend your marketing conference.

While lots of people need marketing advice, I’ve done over 150 Marketing Made Simple marketing conferenceTV show with the leading business minds in the world. In addition, I’ve been blogging about marketing for over 7 years too. And I’m a popular keynote speaker on marketing too.

Take content marketing for instance.

I’ve done more than 5 shows with the leading content marketing experts in the USA, like Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute, Jon Weubben, author of Content is Currency, as well as Jay Baer, author of the #1 blog on content marketing. And all those guests sent me their great books too, which I read.

So why do you want me to pay to attend your content marketing conference? Do you really think you can teach me anything new?

You can’t.

This is why I no longer attend marketing conferences - unless I’m speaking.

What do you think? I love to read your comments and appreciate those who share on social media too.

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