Welcome to Find New Customers client Mintigo

It’s always wonderful to welcome a new customer to the Find New Customers family.

Welcome Mitigo. Glad to have you on board.

Mintigo and Find New Customers last evening signed a Statement of Work to deliver services to them. They hired us to help promote new products.mintigo-text

Here’s information about them:

To see all the clients of Find New Customers, please see our Client List.

Why Mintigo?


Marketing Starts with Intelligence

If you’ve ever run a marketing campaign that didn’t live up to expectations, you need Mintigo. Using the power of big data analytics, Mintigo uncovers marketing intelligence about all the accounts and prospects in your market. It automatically scores and segments all potential prospects, even the ones you haven’t met yet. There’s no faster way to tackle new markets, engage your leads, and cross-sell new products.

With Mintigo, you’ll never run a bad campaign again.

grow-marketsGrow New Markets

Whether you’re an established company looking to expand or a start-up going after a new market, growth is always a priority. Everyone wants to fill the funnel. But it’s hard to make a definitive plan because the data you need just isn’t available. How many target accounts are out there? Who are the contacts you most need to reach? Which messages will get their attention? Mintigo is the fastest way to answer these important questions.

The Mintigo customer intelligence platform finds the key data needed for your growth plan. For each market you enter, Mintigo builds a CustomerDNA®profile of your ideal target customer. Mintigo then searches the Web, social networks, and 3rd party databases to find contacts who fit your unique profile. Mintigo can score any leads you’ve already got, and it can supply net-new contacts who are likely to buy your products. As a result, you will know your target market before you start, and you will gauge how well you’re penetrating on an ongoing basis. Mintigo continues to learn over time by monitoring your marketing and sales campaigns. Every time you email or call, Mintigo learns more about which campaign works best on each type of person.

engage-leadsEngage Your Leads

If you use sales reps to process leads, you know the challenge of lead quality. Marketing programs often cast a wide net, and the majority of inbound inquiries are not likely to buy. The drop in productivity can lead to mistrust between Sales and Marketing. Moreover, the best leads may not be getting the follow-up they deserve.

Mintigo solves the problem by enriching lead records with insightful intelligence derived from the public web, social networks, and third-party databases. Data includes technologies in use, social influences, department sizes, and firmographic data like company size. Each lead can be scored in comparison to your unique CustomerDNA® profile. Ultimately, these scores flow seamlessly back into your marketing and CRM software, so all employees can focus their energy on the leads most likely to buy.

Sell New ProductsSell New Products

Do you sell more than one product? As your product portfolio grows, it becomes difficult to match the right product to a customer. It’s tempting to just market everything. If only you had an easy way to match customers to new products, you could focus your marketing, increase conversion rates, and unlock the value hidden in your customer database.

The Mintigo platform analyzes data about your customers to determine a unique CustomerDNA® profile. By building a distinct profile for each product, Mintigo is able to score any prospect against all products. As a result, you’ll know which products fit which customers, and for any inbound prospect, you can prioritize the best-fitting products. It’s never been so easy to aim large marketing campaigns at just the right targets.

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