Sent my Logo to our Keynote speaking client

If you were asked for a company logo, what would you say?

The $1.4 billion firm who hired me to deliver their marketing keynote talk requested my company logo, so they can start promoting my upcoming keynote at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in early April.ServPro

I sent two - one for the nicest company in B2B marketing today, Find New Customers, and the other for the hugely popular and syndicated show, Marketing Made Simple TV.

This got me to thinking. Very, very few people are doing what I am doing. Two questions came to mind.

  1. What percentage of people have ever stood up in front of a microphone and delivered a keynote speech and entertained hundreds of people?
  2. What percentage of people have ever created logos that they could send?

I don’t know the numbers, but I’m in rare company, it seems.

What do you think? We love comments and those who share on social media. Also, if you sent a tweet to me at @fearlesscomp, I will answer every single one.

Find New Customers

Marketing Made Simple TV

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