The Next Big Thing in Marketing - Local Marketing

As an award-winning marketing expert, I think a lot about what’s next.

Marketo went public. Hubspot is about to go public. Dropbox and Box,com are hoT too. Whos’ next?

In my opinion, what’s next is local marketing

I’ve been talking with a company called LocalVox in New York City and I’ve talked at length with co-founder and President, Trevor Sumner. He’s also a guest on Marketing Made Simple TV.

Ironically, their tagline is Local Marketing Made Simple too.

  • Local Marketing Made Simple
  • Marketing Made Simple TV

( really think LocalVoxthey’re onto something big. I think it’s a matter of time before the venture capital guys catch on to the remarkable potential in this space.

Local businesses are often franchises and they are not owned by big corporations. So they have the problem of coordinating brand standards with local marketing.

In addition, the effectiveness of local advertising is dropping, while the need to create helpful content is growing. And social media has changed everything too - Yelp, Google Places and more. More and more, local businesses cannot keep up.

Combine a big marketing problem with the funding available from coop dollars and more and you will see why I believe this space has a bright future.

By the way, Trevor Sumner is quoted here:

12 Ways to Positively Impact Your Company Culture

What do you think? I’d love to hear from some venture capital guys too.

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4 responses to “The Next Big Thing in Marketing - Local Marketing

  1. Trevor and LocalVox have the right vision and a real problem to solve. Small businesses must find empowering ways to survive in this ‘bigger is better’ world. LocalVox is right there.

  2. Thanks Assaf! We are working hard to help companies big and small harness the power of local. Would love to get together some time for coffee in NYC!

  3. Thanks Trevor and Assaf. Hope you guys can get together. Keep up the great work too.

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