The Coming War over Buyer Insights

In the crazy, noisy world of today, companies who best know their buyers will win.buyer insights

That’s why I believe there’s a marketing war coming around buyer insights.

This is why Buyer Persona are more important than ever. (Find New Customers is certified in Buyer Personas.)

One of the top challenges for companies today is differentiation. Everyone sounds alike.

Case in point, I was sent a list of the Top 20 Retained Executive Search Firms in the U.S, recently and I visited many of their websites.  Most of them sound alike.

Check out these two search firm and see how much they sound alike.

ABC is a leading human capital consulting firm, with a focus on retained executive search, strategic consulting, and market intelligence.  We are committed to developing and nurturing deep relationships with our clients and building a strong network of world class executives across industries.

A Search Approach That Explores Possibilities, Without Limits

The DEF Limit-Less Search® approach is based on the belief that executive retained search should be limit-less — a 360 degree opportunity to explore executive leadership possibilities. DEF’s Limit-Less® approach allows clients to go beyond traditional searches which are restricted due to generic list building and “off limit” accounts.  To achieve the right search results, our work is defined by a unique combination of the right people, the right structure, and the right approach to get the right access to top talent in the marketplace

This is why I believe a battle over buyer insights is coming. Are you ready for this battle?

When you send me an email to a prospective customer, it needs to look like it came from a close personal friend - someone who knows me well.

The only way to do true one-to-one marketing is to develop very deep insights on buyers and leverage big data in marketing.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Visit The Buyer Persona Institute and learn all you can about buyer personas.
  2. Purchase the book Big Data Marketing by Lisa Arthur, Chief Marketing Officer at Teradata Applications and read it. (You can also watch Lisa on Marketing Made Simple TV too.)

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree that a war over buyer insights is coming? We also appreciate those who share on social media.