Our Really Fun Project - Telling Prospective Employers “Thanks, but no thanks”


Find New Customers crossed the Rubicon recently. (According to Wikipedia, “Crossing the Rubicon” means passing the point of no return, and it refers to Julius Caesar and his army crossing a river named Rubicon in 49 AD. As it was illegal to cross the river, it was an act of insurrection.)

We officially drove a stake into job search. It’s dead.

When I founded the lead generation company Find New Customers in 2009, the jury was out. My goal was to either build a business or win a great job. My thought was that by demonstrating deep expertise in B2B marketing, a VP of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer would be forthcoming.

For a long time, the job was the goal.  But in the long run the business won.

With great new clients like Protegrity, professional writing gigs for Silverpop and like firms, speaking opportunities, hosting two online TV shows (Including my own show, Marketing Made Simple TV), leads from business partners and new prospects coming in almost every week, we neither have the time nor the financial need to work for other firms.

As a result, I had the awesome pleasure of ringing up companies I’ve talked with in past months, like Microstrategy, and asking them to “delete my resume” from their systems. I don’t want to hear about jobs there anymore.

Another one was Rally Development in Colorado. No thank you. But if you need help on a project basis (lead nurturing and scoring, buyer personas, content marketing, etc.), talk to the lead generation company and global marketing firm Find New Customers.

It’s been a long and hard three plus years, but Jeff Ogden, Founder and President of Find New Customers is officially off the job market, hopefully forever.

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