Crafting Next Generation White Papers for Social Media Oriented Reader


Without a doubt, social media has changed the way we share and absorb online content. Formats that support concise messaging, like Twitter and Facebook, make it easy for today’s reader to quickly scan hundreds of messages. So how do you make traditional marking pieces, like white papers, appealing to today’s short-attention readers?

White Papers 2.0

When it comes to white papers, Jonathan Kantor is one of the foremost experts. Having personally written over 350 B2B white papers, Kantor is also the acclaimed author of the book: “Crafting White Paper 2.0.”

According to Kantor, “if today’s marketers choose to build in elements that appeal to today’s expanding short-attention reading audience, then white papers will remain a strategic part of the B2B marketing toolbox for the foreseeable future.”

In this episode of Mad Marketing TV, join guest host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers with special guest, Jonathan Kantor, as they discuss:

  • How social media promotes short attention spans
  • Why traditional “all-text” white papers are becoming less effective
  • How to craft a Next Generation “White Paper 2.0” for the Social Media Reader

Also watch from the new show by Jeff Ogden, Marketing Made Simple TV.

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