Generalists vs. Specialists - Why Specialists Know So Much More


Specialists are vastly superior to Generalists. Read this to know why.

I was chatting with my good friend, Jim Burns CEO of Avitage, about content marketing. I was struck by Jim’s deep knowledge and expertise.  And the highly innovative approach he use to create a video briefing sponsored by Act-On Software by using Watchitoo and syndicating it to other sites, such as this blog.

I was struck by the difference in conversations between an expert like Jim and the run of the mill marketers I talk to all the time. Case in point, one of the new clients of Find New Customers is using product-oriented content in lead nurturing.

Then it hit me. It’s all about specialization. People like Jim and me spend every day thinking and researching the best ideas in the industry. Most marketers are in fire-fighting mode most of the time, leaving them little to no time for research. As a result, the superiority of specialized third parties grows and grows.On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a novice and 10 being an expert, Jim is a 9.5 and most marketers are a 5 or 6.  Why?

Here’s the marketing take-away - look for the expertise of outside Specialists wherever you can.

Want to see a good example of Avitage’s expertise? Take a look at their Microsite Create Like a Publisher.

Why don’t you also check out the new SCORE Demand Generation Program from Find New Customers? We’re Specialists too.

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