Stop SOPA From Killing the Internet!

I admit it. I didn’t know what the Stop Online Privacy Act (SPOA) (Known as PIPA in the Senate) was all about. And we don’t do politics on this blog.

All I knew was that GoDaddy caught a lot of flak about opposing it. But as I learned more and more, I realized what was happening. GoDaddy was right. This is really scary.

CopyBlogger had a great post about it -

The Problem with SOPA (And How to Stop It)

Problem 1: Your site can be shut down whether or not you’ve done anything wrong (A commenter posts a link to a copyrighted image. You get busted.)

Problem 2: SOPA is toothless for real pirates (They block domain names, not IP addresses. Regular people use domain names. Pirates are fine with IP addresses.)

Problem 3: You are not a bad guy, but you’re the one who will get punished (Post that cute video of your kid doing “Thriller.” Go to jail)

Problem 4: SOPA is bad for the economy, at exactly the wrong time (It hurts small businesses most of all.)

Problem 5: It’s not just small business that takes the hit (When Google, Wikipedia and Amazon threaten a global blackout day, it’s serious.)

Problem 6: It’s bad for internet security and stability (Government is messing with the plumbing of the Internet. Is that a good idea?)

This blog is in WordPress and even WordPress is against SOPA and PIPA. They created this video.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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