Please Help @JeffreyHaylett with Running the Gauntlet!


We interviewed Jeffrey for Mad Marketing TV’s 2012 Kickoff show. (Click the link to watch the show.) So please help him get the word out about his new book

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers and Host of Mad Marketing TV

Running the Gauntlet Needs Your Help!

Happy New Year!  It’s an exciting time and you can turn this change into profitable success for you and your business.

We’re kicking off 2012 with the release of my new book, Running the Gauntlet, which launched nationally this last week.

Are you ready to run the gauntlet this year? 2012 is all about CHANGE:

Change your ATTITUDE.
Change your BUSINESS.
Change your FUTURE.

Running the Gauntlet is going to be a bigger success than my first bestselling book, The Mirror Test, check out some of the reviews already posted to Amazon.

And… I NEED YOUR HELP to earn bestseller status this week – there are 12 things you could do to make it happen!  I have also listed them below for your convenience.

Your success is my success.  I want to help you survive the business gauntlet ahead, and show you how to become the Change Agent that you are.

Thank you, friend, for being a part of something great!



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