My review of the book, Find Your Next: Using the Business Genome Approach to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge


4 out of 5 stars

Just finished my review copy of Find Your Next by Andrea Kates. Find Your Next

I was skeptical as I started, because I’ve read and reviewed so many books on business strategy, but as I dived in more and more, my respect for the book grew.

From the website for the book, I share the six elements for business growth:

The author Andrea Yakes does an admirable job of uncovering the need to really dig - look “between the lines” and outside your industry to uncover the unseen opportunities for dramatic business growth.

I recommend this book for top business executives looking for fresh ideas for dramatic growth.

(Note about our reviews. We are tough and honest graders. It is very rare for a book to garner five stars)


Here’s a summary of key points in the book:

These are the six elements that combine to create new opportunities for business growth and define an organization’s “DNA”

The core DNA of a company is the starting point for change. These six elements are levers that can be combined in different ways to fine-tune an organization’s strategic edge. Map your genome against the patterns and successes of other companies in other industries. Then, incorporate those successes into your DNA to leapfrog forward.

Product + service + innovation

The ability to create offerings that resonate with consumers. Dig deeper to see how customers are responding to products and services. What kind of innovation can be applied to retain a competitive edge?

Customer impact

The ability to build a sustainable community of support. What resonates with customers? Are there any unmet needs that you could respond to? These days, customer preferences are changing constantly. Creating an open dialogue with customers and learning new skills in anticipating their next move can answer these questions.

Process design

The ability to align the “how” with the “what” consumers need. The future of your company is imminent, how can you change your core processes to get there faster? Do internal operations need to be improved? Take a look at how other companies create processes that are successful for them.

Talent and leadership

The ability to create a culture that moves a business forward. A key component to building a strong, consistent culture is leadership style. What kinds of leaders can bring your company to the next level? What type of talent do you want to integrate into your company to support change and innovation?

Secret sauce

This is the special recipe that will differentiate a company and create a competitive advantage in a new world of unprecedented transparency. Brands are beginning to embrace new technologies to reach customers on a more meaningful level. Is your brand still relevant in this new business environment? Take a look at the new, cool products, killer apps and find out what tools you can use to stand out.

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