How Strong is my Personal Brand?

I’ve worked hard for years to build my personal and Fearless Competitor brand too since I am the Founder and President of Find New Customers. But one always wonders how well one is doing. You think you must be good, but you have no proof.

Fortunately, the folks over at Reach Branding offer an online tool to measure your personal brand.

Google yourself and answer a few questions - then it grades you. Utopia is the top right quadrant - Digitally Distinct. (as opposed to Digitally Disastrous, Digitally Dissed, or Digitally Dabbing.)

I’m honored to be “Digitally Distinct.” Clearly, we’re doing something right. Maybe this is why I’m getting world-class guests on my Mad Marketing TV show.

How do you do? Check your brand by using the Online Identity Calculator.

Here’s what the output of my report looks like:


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