Happy Halloween! Only a few weeks to the premier of Mad Marketing TV

‚ÄúMad Marketing TV with Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers‚ÄĚ premiers in three days Happy Halloween! Thursday, November 17th at noon Eastern/9am Pacific is the premier of the B2B marketing show known as Mad Marketing TV, sponsored by Act-On Software. It will appear every week at the very same day and time. The host of‚Ķ

The Strange Tale of the Norden Bombsight - a TED talk with Malcolm Gladwell

Sundays are for learning here at Fearless Competitor, and there’s no better place for learning than TED Talks. Besides, I always love it when people debunk our assumptions. In this riveting video, NY Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell (he with the wacky hair) shares the story of the man who invented a product which changed the outcome…

Laugh and Learn with Find New Customers | Episode 50 - Let Your Freak Flag Fly

In his weekly B2B marketing show, Jeff Ogden, President of the B2B lead generation company, Find New Customers (http://www.findnewcustomers.com) shares a key marketing take-away using wit and humor. In this episode, he explains how marketers¬†need to relax and have fun. ‚ÄúLet Your Freak Flag Fly.‚ÄĚ Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is the President of the B2B lead‚Ķ

Find New Customers Fan of the Month - Antonio Dimitriadis

B2B Lead Generation | Find New Customers Fan of the Month for October 2011 Each month we recognize a special fan of Find New Customers. This month our fan of the month is none other than Antonio Dimitriadis. Antonio has a special place among our fans - he was our very first fan, when we…

Mad Marketing TV premiers on November 3 at 9am PT/ Noon ET

It’s now official. Mad Marketing TV launches on November 3rd. This fun and exciting show on B2B marketing is hosted by Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor of Find New Customers and he interviews top marketing experts on video. The show is sponsored by Act-On Software. Our goal is to share simple and practical marketing ideas…

Exactly one week to the premier of Mad Marketing TV

Mad Marketing TV Launches in one week One week from today is the launch of the new B2B marketing show Mad Marketing TV,with your host @fearlesscomp, the Fearless Competitor and President of Find New Customers.             We interview great guests who share simple and pragmatic ideas to help you improve…

Whistling past the graveyard | Insights from the 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report

B2B Demand Generation | The Realities If you ask a business executive how good his or her company is in B2B lead generation, almost all will say ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre experts at it.‚ÄĚ But a big of digging reveals the truth that belies this statement. The simple fact is that most are really bad at it. Check‚Ķ

The Science of Social Timing Part 1: Social Networks

The Science of Social Media | Insights from Dan Zarrella Great insights on how best to use social media for maximum effectiveness in b2b demand generation from Dan at Hubspot. Thanks, Dan! It‚Äôs important to know when the highest percentage of your audience is eavesdropping on your social networks‚ÄĒso that when you share content you‚Äôll‚Ķ