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Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment, recently presented how to gain trust with your Guy-Kawasaki-Enchantmentcustomers. His thoughts match ours, so I wish to share with our readers.

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Three things are needed to gain customer trust:

  1. Trust others first
    People will not trust you unless you trust them first.
    One business example is the Amazon Kindle. You can buy a book on your Kindle and return it within 7 days for a full refund. Could you read it and return it? Sure. But Amazon trusts you not to. Zappos had the crazy idea of selling shoes to women, but they could not see them in person or try them on. But Zappos offered free shipping both ways - trust. Their business exploded!
  2. Be a Baker and not an Eater
    An eater sees a pie. I eat it and you don’t. It is zero-sum game. A baker sees an endless supply of pies - larger and better than before. Trust-worthy people think like bakers.
  3. Default to “Yes”
    This is my personal favorite. Our business tagline is Always Be Helping. The idea is to answer every request with “Yes.” Can people take advantage of you? Yes, they can, but will they? Guy said in over two decades of doing this, he could count bad experiences on his hands. It’s just not a big deal. And for the very few who do take advantage, don’t bother with them.

What do you think of these tips? Have you tried them? How have they worked for you? We love comments and people who share our content.

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