Sunday Post: Lunch with Vincente

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Bottom line: You meet very interesting people - if you are a good listener.

On Friday, I visited a large software company in the Washington DC area to discuss an important global marketing leadership role. After many meetings, I was finished, but very hungry.

I ventured to the front desk and the nice lady there suggested I visit the food court at the nearby mall. She tried to explain how to get there, but it was confusing. The building security manager offered to escort me there.

The day was stunning (bright sunshine, low 70′s with low humidity) and this man, Vincente, walked with me on a very convoluted path to the mall. He told me about his experiences in the food court and recommended a casual Asian restaurant.

The food was excellent, but the conversation with Vincente was outstanding. I simply asked questions. I love hearing stories from people. I believe every person you speak with has his or her stories to share. They love to tell them. So ask then sit back to listen.

Vincente is an immigrant from Panama. He has a lovely wife from the Philippines he adores and two very smart daughters who recently graduated from college. He told me about military experience and so many other things in our short time together. I loved listening to his stories.

Thanks for a lovely lunch, Vincente. I hope to see you again soon.

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