Do consultants make the best executives?

More and more I see top independent sales and marketing experts taking jobs as VPs of Sales and/or Marketing.

What is happening and why? Why are companies hiring people like Nigel

Nigel Edelshain

Nigel Edelshain

Edelshain of Sales2.0 (became VP of Sales and Marketing for TurnTo Networks) and Jep Castelein of LeadSloth (joined Marketo) And why are they better choices for those companies than hiring from competitors?

Should you consider a marketing consultant as a VP of marketing over a candidate from your industry?  I think the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Here are 3 things that consultants offer that you don’t find with the usual candidates:

  1. Consultants have world-class networks (Top industry gurus know and trust them.)
  2. Consultants have documented expertise across multiple industries. (They’ve published blogs, eBooks, white papers, etc.)
  3. Consultants get things done(They’ve founded companies, booked revenue, turned prospects into customers, built solid relationships - all on their own.I cannot over-emphasize how important this is. Data shows that only 1 in 10 persons is a Producer (creator of things like blogs), while 2 out of ten Contribute (e.g comment on blogs) and the vast majority - 7 out of 10 - are merely Consumers (e.g, read blogs). You need to hire Producers.

My advice. Don’t overlook consultants when you need strong, innovative leaders.

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