The Best B2B marketing companies…and Jill

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This Saturday, I want to share what I consider the very best B2B marketing companies. The opinions herein are my own unscientific ones.

99% of b2b sellers today cannot touch these smart and savvy companies. We congratulate each of them.

  1. Hubspot
    This Cambridge, MA inbound marketing software firm is the hands-down winner. Fun, wit, humor, etc. And with their new war chest, they are invincible. In fact, we featured their latest video in our Laugh and Learn show yesterday. And we were a special guest on Hubspot TV last November. Kudos to Mike Volpe and team!
  2. Kinaxis
    This Ottawa supply chain software firm is awesome. Superb videos like Suitemates and Kinexions. Great website too. And the 21st Century supply chain blog is outstanding. Love photos of smiling happy people too! Kudos to Kirsten Watson and her team.
  3. Eloqua
    The great work these guys do with JESS3 is terrific, e.g. the Blog Tree. And the Grande series is outstanding too. Kudos to CMO Brian Kardon, Joe Chernov and team.
  4. Marketo
    They publish superb blogs on a frequent basis and lots of content. And they are doing a Revenue Rock Star tour now. (I’ll be at the NYC one!) Kudos to Jon Miller, Maria Pergolino and their teams.
  5. Who should be #5? You tell me. I want to hear from you.
Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath

We also wish to congratulate Jill Konrath, author of the book SNAP Selling, for her appearance on HubspotTV yesterday and to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, as well as all the other mothers out there.

Thanks for all your support, Jill!

Love the line from Jeff Pedowitz “We connect Marketing to Revenue.” on Jeff’s appearance on SLMA radio. Ditto for Find New Customers, Jeff, and we’ll be the guest on SLMA radio on June 9, 2011.

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I was contacted by the CEO of a French software company wanting to expand to the USA. Fortunately this post from some time ago, How to Expand to the USA, was perfect for him. He thanked me and said he’d read it this weekend. Fits perfectly with our “Always be helping” company value.