Thoughts for the tornado victims

Sunday posts are different. While this blog is dedicated to helping companies improve revenue and help salespeople make their quotas, we take a break from that on Sundays.

Many, many years ago, on April 3, 1974, I lived through an F4 tornado (winds in excess of 207 MPH) - which killed 11 people. While our home was mostly destroyed, no one died in my family. Thank God.

This is why my heart goes out the victims of these most recent tornadoes.

Great story in yesterday’s NYTimes - Memories Lost to a Whirlwind Alight on Facebook to Be Claimed It shares the story of how valuable photos, documents, etc. land miles away (175 miles in the example), but Facebook connects owners with those valuables.  It should how social media enables total strangers to help each other. Since “Always Be Helping” is a core value of Find New Customers - this resonated with me.

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Our thought and prayers are with them.